Customizations By Strategic Alliance

We understand business scenario and methods may vary from organization to organization so we are always willing to offer customization as per client’s requirement. So in APMC website, if there is any need for customization, we are sure we will achieve it will our vast expertise in IT and professional team.

Strategic Alliance specializes in the business of providing Software Outsourcing & Offshore Software Development  services to its clients globally. Our expertise lies in reducing costs and enhancing productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development to the very doorsteps of our customers in more ways than one. By improving reliability, speed and agility, we enable our customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competitors.

Our engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individual needs of our customers. With this we ensure that we follow the right strategy to ensure business transformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market. We ensure 100% success for our customers business and in the process, ensure business continuity for ourselves.

Strategic Alliance believes in providing the turn key technology solutions in the areas of its domain expertise only. It is hence that it first acquires domain expertise either by enriching knowledge and skills of its team-member(s) or by creating an alliance with expert(s) in that domain.

The modus operandi is to create a panel for a particular domain and create a knowledge bank. This panel contains atleast one in-house expert and one or more than one outside expert. The implicit knowledge of these experts is converted to explicit knowledge by using various knowledge acquisition and management techniques.

If you would like to learn more, you are invited to learn more about our projects, services, products and technologies we are involved in by studying the content listed herein.